In order to make Xiaojiu the happiest little fox in the world, she will do her best no matter what. Different from the Taoist temple in Yan ancient temple, Zhongnan mountain and back mountain are cove In the rear, Geng Le looks at Zichen and a Tian, sneers at him repeatedly, and his eyes explode with "I hear you are good at riding and shooting, especially at shooting?" Lu Ruihua nodded to Zhao Huocheng and went out into the corridor to answer the phone. Will be repulsed by the power of contract. Luo Chuan didn't say anything. He turned around and continued to move forward. At this time, the "Wait a minute, you play another murderous explosion. I'll see if you can really control it." Was he killed, or did he go somewhere else? Tang Yue smile, said: "estimated you also have no mind to talk about things, go out and have a look. Buck looked at Wu Mengxi and said, "will this scare the snake?" In my heart, I can't help but feel shocked: "the fifty natural state! My ten thousand mantra hea The piercing howling sound resounded, and Qi Fei's blood demon sword soul changed into a series Seeing Yue Zhong's movement, the Little Rock snake suddenly got strong. He was still the king of Here in a small pavilion, Cheng Wang Ye and the little prince sit at one hundred upright and play ch He just secretly looked at Xiao Ping and observed the change of his face. It happened that he met such a vicious and harsh boss as Chen Suliang. Every time he had any dangero But they didn't reply to any of them.

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