"Don't talk nonsense. We'll deal with the small ones first." "Everything depends on the organization." If there is a military rank, it will be easier to do... It can be distinguished by military rank! That has not been how to talk about ya Rong doubts asked. Chen Yihan took a look at the image of the blue haired boy in the air. He quickly came to mind that This is how this person is. The more guilty he is, the more ferocious he is. He thinks that this can Think of the terrible atmosphere of Ziyang general. After collecting Mingji's storage ring, Ye Zhen meets the leader Jian qianxiong who just came ou However, the east coast company is too strong to be true. It has almost taken away all the valuable Jiang Feng is so clever that he only hears the words of Shi Bing, and instantly he understands the m Then he can only watch himself swagger across the market, rampage. Qingshui first let mother and teacher light, Qingqing leave first! In a dilapidated house, there are two young people in strong clothes. One is more than two meters ta After careful consideration, weikes accepted Gao Yang's suggestion. Looking at Zhao Tinghua running in the wrong direction, he immediately scolded. Although Li Bin doesn't have a common relationship with the state, it will do harm to his own se Tsar Alexander II is now 45 years old, although he is still very young in middle age among world lea "What's going on over there, please be quiet!"

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