Now I'm done, Uncle... Wish you a dream! "Have we really been fooled by both young and old? Have we been fooled for 18 years?" The group actors all got angry and argued for two people to give themselves an explanation. He held up his hammer again and smashed it down without mercy He said this in front of the people. Seeing Li Jian's words, everyone agreed with him, "When the second brother gets married, we will get married." The hot flame and the bone chilling ice kept pounding. "The temper is still so hot. It's time to change it." Chi Lian electric sneered: "do some of the people mentioned by governor Feng include me?" "Wuliang Tianzun, with the blessing of the grandmaster, is the legendary fourth level elixir. This t The three kings of the Imperial Palace nodded slightly. Some of the words in the mining area have fallen in the dark for thousands of years. When the governor of Guangdong Province got out of bed, he was startled. Fang Zijian said as he flew to Mo Zhitao. It is worthy of being brought out of the four layers of thunder. It is really solid. It is intact in Zhang Degong finished and went back to his room. The chairman's suite of this hotel has good sou Of course, you don't have to worry too much. "All right, all right, I won't ask!"

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