The guards at both ends of the underground palace were obviously flustered. Obviously, the array in All of the Ninjas were shocked. They were busy and quickly retreated. The ashes ninjas were faster a Zhao Yushi was so angry that he burned himself like a fire. He kicked open the door of Fang Han' The powerful war machine made him confident that he would not be killed. "Young master Yang, you can choose which cultivation star to stop at or follow the warship to jadeit Wang bushuo looks at Wang Jie with surprise. In the elegant room, Yan Shi Niang murmured: "this thing can't be the elder's too? If so, se In the sound of fierce bombardment, Wang Cai gave out a cry of surprise, and his two big eyes were f But for Jiangshan's good listening, this sentence would not be heard. Dema no longer accompanied, he turned back, and green wood together with the murderous puppet. Yes, if she doesn't let Chen Changsheng live or die, Chen Changsheng can't die. Then who she Fortunately, his vitality and tenacity, Qi and blood are surging enough, so his own repair speed com "Old friend, why get angry? We're just saying hello!" As for Junge, he was ignored by Yue Chong. For Lei Zelin's decision, Liu Qingyu was also a little surprised. In fact, what Ye Zhen said to Jiang Huiying, the second princess of Huangling, was not a threat, but Top point novel, countless American youth, shouting the slogan of revenge, joined the army. The only law of soul is the law of soul, which is the most mysterious and represents the core law of

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