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Soon Yue Zhong came out of the base with wild fox and Xiao Qiao. Before he had gone a few steps, he "He... How could he touch that place... Did he mean it?" he thought Gao Yang nodded, took a breath, and said, "I would like to ask all the heroes to help me find someon Su Hao asked calmly, but he knew clearly in his heart that it must be today and Chen Yiran. The spirit of the desolate looks at Lin Ming with some courage, but at the same time, his words are I didn't think the other party would dare to mention it! Fortunately, the rock wall is not particularly hard. Under the same shock wave, it becomes fragile a Anyway, Yan Changsheng was respectfully praying to the little boy to get the real immortal road from Reapers may not have to do it themselves to harvest the strong and races that survived the collapse Although it's strange to get into the dog's nest, since the guide crystal has all gone in, I South China Sea, a small Qin family dare to come, now demonize the earth so many forces, once they k Soon the handover of the army was completed, and the result undoubtedly made Yang Tian very excited. Ye Xiaowan is a little bird with a human nature. She nodded at the moment, and her face was full of "The body of the human body has gone out of the ordinary into the Holy Land... He has done it!" Da Luo beat the crocodile half disabled, forcing him to open all the moves. So, after the red fish took the golden sword, both the old man and the old man Qingming were not idl "I said perfect boy, are you human or have conscience? Others are going to kill us, and you still wa When the first division of search took over the case, Xu Fang was not good at finding out who shot t

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