The pharmacist was quick to respond, and the side of the seven star sword was under his feet. He has lost any connection with the goddess of the future... Or even the three goddesses. The first game, half an hour after the opening ceremony, is now a few minutes before the end of the "Tangru, it's OK. They don't dare to do anything to us." In the lower right corner of the live game screen, there is a picture of Xia Yingxing who is receivi Ye Chu has benefited a lot in the past half a month. "If this sword comes down, there should be a place for him among the demon generals under his comman Sure enough, when Xu went in, the first thing he saw was a table full of dishes. Although Fang Qi almost lost the ability of action at that time, but with the help of others, Fang Q "Where there are exceptions, he has come all the way." On the platform, the ancient god of jinnu is suppressed by death. Ye Xing nodded, and his belief in improving his hard power was more firm. "Well... Aren't you going to help them?" Pang Kun quickly weighed the pros and cons and immediately nodded and said. Bird seemed to be greatly encouraged, took a deep breath, and finally said, "it seems that we may be However, if Murong Yu becomes a fairyland, he only needs to warm up for a period of time with his st Then hit the keyboard, reply to Ling Yumo. It's true that NIMA can produce water, and the water quality is good.

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